This is the Problem management module.
What is the objective of Problem management?

  • to develop and create interesting problems and distribute these to users

  • to 'pro-actively' take measures to bring difficult users under control

  • to record totally useless and meaningless work-arounds in the known error database that are no use to man nor beast.

  • to try to identify and remove the problems and known errors that we have, through our incompetence and carelessness inflicted upon the user community

  • ABC worst practice example

Not ITIL Answers
Good begin. Creating interesting problems is indeed something we are naturally good at. Ensuring that these problems are distributed to all users is a sign of mature and effective problem management!
Not ITIL Answers
Indeed this is what Problem management is all about.In combination with Incident management in which we capture details about difficult, moaning users. Problem management then ensures we take corrective actions, such as deleting their files or abandoning their applications to bring them back in line.!
Not ITIL Answers
Indeed this is important. We do this so that: (a) people still have to call us out at riduculously high overtime rates to fix things again and (b) we are the only ones with the knowledge to fix things. Sharing knowledge is very dangerous. Remember 'knowledge is power'
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