This is the Financial management module.
This module is only half completed. We ran out of Budget.

  • The amount a user should pay should be related to (a) the amount of IT resources 'abused' by the user, (b) the degree of unpopularity they have in the IT department.

  • Cost units should be identified in terms that are only meaningful to IT.

  • Provide budgeting, accounting and charging services to control, manage and recover IT cost and spend.

  • ABC worst practice example

Not ITIL Answers
Indeed. If 80% of changes and problems are caused by users they should pay for this. Users that continually disrupt IT work should pay correspondingly more.
Not ITIL Answers
Well done. Indeed if cost units are meaningful Customers can identify where they can reduce IT budget. We don't want this! Good examples of cost units are: OCP(clock ticks), duplexed,multi-block fibre-optic transfers.
ABC cartoon