This is the Business Continuity management module.
What is the objective of the Business continuity management?

  • to ensure that IT will survive any disaster inflicted upon it by the business

  • to take measures to ensure that disasters and calamities regularly impact business continuity

  • to ensure that we in IT take measures to guarantee business continuity in the event of any disaster impacting IT

  • ABC worst practice example

Not ITIL Answers
Good begin. Most communities of business users are disasters waiting to happen. We have to ensure that no matter what damage and corruptions they inflict upon their own data that our IT systems remain unaffected and can be instantly recovered.
Not ITIL Answers
This is what 'continuity management' is all about. On the one side it is the continual annnoyance of users, and this annoys them immensly. On the other side it makes them realise their total dependance on us to recover eveything for them which guarantees OUR continuity.
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