This is the Configuration management module.
What is the objective of Congiguration management?

  • it allows us to put stickers and numbers on PC's to make users think we are professional

  • to allow the Help desk to annoy users by asking them:-
    (a) try to locate a number hidden somewhere on their PC
    (b) to have to quote long codes everytime they want to register an incident. e.g: PCa:145/35/room5/userxBc:qF12bB (ensuring they correctly quote capitals and non capitals).

  • it allows us to keep track of the Infrastructure components and to be able to efficiently and effectively perform changes and resolve problems...( as if we care)

  • ABC worst practice example

Not ITIL Answers
Not really. Do you really think users are:- (a) that observant (b)that smart
Not ITIL Answers
Indeed this is a good way to annoy users. Another good way is to ask them technical questions you know they haven't got a clue of answering such as 'how many megahertz is your PC?' or 'how much memory have you got?'
ABC cartoon