This is the Capacity management module.
What is the objective of Capacity management?

  • to carefully balance and optimise workloads to such an extent that an IT "Gridlock" occurs

  • to ensure that comment "a short wait will occur" message appears followed by the system hanging up whenever a user starts a critical transaction

  • to ensure that user capacity and performance demands can be optimally achieved and in a cost efficient way

  • ABC worst practice example

Not ITIL Answers
Gridlocks are a good way of showing how clever we are by stopping any form of user processing from occuring. However this will get too much business attention making the business think about outsourcing or some other such nonsense to bring us into line
Not ITIL Answers
This is much better. Focussing on individual users and critical transactions really annoys them. Especially nice is the 'short wait will occur' for several minutes before the system does a nose dive!
ABC cartoon