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Welcome to the 'NOT the IT Infrastructure library foundations exam'. This is an interactive exam in which your understanding of how NOT to manage IT infrastructures using ITIL will be put to the test. The example answers in this tongue-in-cheek exam represent some extreme examples of worst practice IT attitude, behavior and culture. You may experience some difficulties and bugs using this product. But what do you expect from an IT solution. If it worked all the time the help desk employees and the software maintainers would be out of a job....

Each question in this sample examination is multiple choice, one of the answers is the type of nonsense preached by all those ITIL training institutes, the other answers are the type of answers we expect 'real' technoids to come up with. Good luck!

( This is a test version. Like most IT solutions it is never ready and never fulfills functional expectations. If you have any difficulties please don't hesitate to call the Help desk.) )

The ABC of ICT stands for the Attitude, Behavior and Culture of IT.
GamingWorks developed a 'worst practice' set
of playing cards which highlight these worst
practices. Although humorous, the card set is a serious instrument for creating awareness and for assessing YOUR company's worst practices that need solving!
The answers in this examination identify some serious ABC worst practices....depending of course on what you would call worst practice!

Real ITSM is a tongue-in-cheek satirical look at what the real-life processes of IT Service Management might be, as compared to the "official" defined processes published in authorized books of frameworks like ITIL.

The foundation training represented here may be the very first 'Real ITSM qualifications'program.